Congratulations! Another Successful Testing!

Another successful promotion test!
Another successful promotion test!

Congratulations to everyone who completed their successful promotion testing on Saturday, March 29!

Yellow Belt
Brayden M
Beth P
Nicholas P
Hannah W
Harvey L

Yellow w/ Green Stripe
Nathan L
Carter L
Ethan B
Tristan J

Green Belt
Travis N
Adam V
Chris M
Cole M
Katelyn F

Green w/ Blue Stripe
Logan L
Taylor W
Artur M

Blue w/ Red Stripe
Charlie P

Red w/ Black Stripe
Danielle E
Chloe P
Katelyn O
Billy S
Chris S

Belt Testing List – Dec.14

*List of Students Participating in Promotion Testing December 14*

White -> Yellow
* Nathan L
* Tristan J
* Taylor R
* Adam Va.

Yellow -> Green Stripe
* Katelyn F
* Averi M
* Adam Ve.
* Chris M
* Cole M
* Travis N

Green Stripe -> Green
* Artur M
* Logan L
* Taylor W

Blue Stripe -> Blue
* Charlie P
* William F

Blue -> Red Stripe
* Nicholas F

Red Stripe -> Red
* Chloe P
* Katelyn O
* Chris S

Red -> Black Stripe
* Alex B
* Kyle R
* Laura W

2014 Junior National Team Trials

The following four athletes will be representing P.C.T. on December 1st at the Junior National Team Trials in Montreal, Quebec.

Gold medallists from this game will comprise Team Canada for the 2014 Junior World Championships in Chinese Taipei in March.

Urvashi T. - Female Feather (-49kg)
Lauren A. - Female Light (-52kg)
Emilee B. - Female Welter (-55kg)
Jewelian B. - Female Light Middle (-59kg)

Good luck everyone! Members of the team will be competing November 16-17 at the Toronto Open tournament as a final tune-up for these games.



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